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Childhood trauma leads to lifelong chronic illness


 "I completed my practicum and internship under the supervision of Dr. Brown. She constructed my internship in a manner that allowed me to circulate with competency through various patient populations and environments while guiding me to be proficient with multiple testing instruments and therapeutic practices. Her work experience is extensive, which gives her competency in many different aspects of psychological practice. Her standards for ethical practice and dedication to patient care are impeccable. Whether she is working one on one with a client, or managing a team of clinicians, she conducts herself in a professional manner that strives for excellence in all areas of her practice. This is evident by observing the respect she receives from her employees and peers"

- C.C., Ph.D., Registered Psychological Assistant

​Testiminials of Dr. Brown


"At the lowest point in my work life and life in general, it was Dr. Brown that helped me understand that it gets better." - K.B.  

​"My daughter has returned from a very dark and dangerous place with the guidance and support of Dr. Brown. I genuinely feared I would lose her to the streets, or worse. We have worked for a year and a half with Dr. Brown and I know we are not a perfect family, but we are a 'recovering' one!" - B.H.

​"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that our son is doing GREAT! We know what a huge part of that has to do with you and we are all so thankful. He graduated from High School this past June and began college classes this fall. He is currently pursuing a degree in Culinary Arts. He is also working part-time in the Deli area at a local grocery. He's feeling like he's making good steps toward his future and accomplishing things (because he is!). Most of all, many times over the last few months, he has expressed to us how good he is feeling about himself :-) Thank you again for giving him/us tools to help him get to where he is today!" - R & D​​

Forensic Work

"I hired Dr. Brown as a forensic psychologist to conduct a thorough investigation on a complicated and prolonged parental termination case. At the time that I hired her, the case had already been in progress for 5 years. Dr. Brown was required to evaluate the clinical opinions of 6 other psychologists and therapists who had been previously involved.

Dr. Brown agreed to assist on my case after careful professional consideration; recognizing that she would have to testify against her colleague's recommendations for visitation. She believed in my case and showed an unwavering commitment to protecting my children. Parental termination cases are the absolute hardest cases to win. She researched, collected data, investigated, challenged colleagues and worked closely with my legal team to synthesize 5 years of convoluted legal and psychological information. Dr. Brown executed her professional testimony with sensitivity and brilliance.

Her expert testimony won my case; resulting in a judgment of parental termination. Personally, Dr. Brown responded with compassion, understanding, warmth and presence to hear me. She was able to create a safe environment for me to share all the details that had transpired over the previous 5 years.  Dr. Brown works with integrity, professionalism and strength of conviction. She is truly an advocate for children.”

- Grateful Mother of Two, Las Vegas, NV.

"Dr. Brown has provided consistently excellent diagnostic work for my veteran clients with disability claims before the VA. She knows the issues, gives great attention to the pertinent details and is highly proficient with the reporting requirements. I highly recommend her for any person whose psychological issues are the subject of administrative or legal claims."

- Travis N. Barrick, Esq.


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