About Dr. Cynthia Cameron

Dr. Cameron is currently a registered psychological assistant working under the direct supervision of Dr. Brown and expects to complete licensure in 2016.

Dr. Cynthia Cameron, PhD

Registered Psychological Assistant

Dr. Cameron earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Neuroscience from the University of California, San Diego where she graduated with honors and her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Walden University where she focused her studies on severe psychopathology. Dr. Cameron believes that only when the mind and body are working together is balance achieved. To that end, she utilizes an integrative approach based on the belief that our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and attitudes have either a positive or negative impact on our biological and, subsequently, our psychological functioning. The ‘mind-body problem’ refers to the often conflicted interaction between the two. Dr. Cameron uses a variety of therapeutic modalities to assist her clients in achieving emotional stability through mind/body balance. She emphasizes the strengths of her clients, exemplifying a positive, and affirming perspective.  

Having spent several years working within acute psychiatric facilities, Dr. Cameron brings to private practice a skill set perfectly matched for those struggling with chronic mental illness. In addition, she welcomes, client’s struggling with anxiety, depression and marital conflict as well as those who may be looking to improve self –esteem, and/or foster a greater sense of personal empowerment.  In addition to traditional talk-therapy, Dr. Cameron is also able to incorporate progressive relaxation, pet therapy, as well as creative movement when appropriate.

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